All new P20 suncare for kids

A next-level sunscreen that provides uniquely effective protection for children’s sun-sensitive skin. P20 Suncare for Kids has a durability up to 10 hours, water resistance up to 3 hours and superior rated UVA protection. Also, this category-leading sunscreen is allergy certified, dermatologist-tested and fragrance-free.


P20 suncare for kids

P20 - Protection without compromise

To stay safe in the sun, you need a sunscreen you can trust. To deliver long-lasting durability. To withstand water. To provide not only reliable UVB protection but also the best UVA protection.
P20 gives you all this – fully documented – in a lightweight formulation that’s easy to apply and wear. The result is uncompromising protection that lets you and your family enjoy the sun more responsibly.

Seriously reliable protection from the sun for the whole family

Care for your whole family in the sun with P20’s broad-spectrum UV protection. P20 products offer UVB protection as well as very high UVA protection that shields the skin from sun-related damage and premature aging. The UVA protection in P20 far exceeds EU recommendations, and is therefore rated 5 out of 5 stars*.

P20 has a unique lightweight transparent formula that’s easily absorbed into the skin. It dries quickly to provide durable protection with no visible trace in just 15 minutes, meaning your family will be ready to get up and go in no time. Furthermore, the range is free from fragrances and colorants, making it the perfect sun protection solution for the whole family.

And if you’re packing P20 for an overseas holiday, the family can stay safe at the beach or in and out of the pool, as the product maintains its water-resistant protection levels even after 4 x 20 minutes in the water**. This means fewer reapplications for the whole family.

*SPF 50 is rated 4 out of 5 stars

**Europe’s highest ranking in water resistance for sun care products.