About P20

The P20 story
In 1979, Claus Riemann wanted to help a friend with sensitive skin keep protected during a stay in Africa. The solution he invented was P20, which has now been protecting people from the sun for over decades. Mr. Riemann’s spirit of personal devotion and earnest scientific endeavour guides our brand to this very day.

Seriously reliable sun care for anyone serious about the outdoors

Pack sun care that works as hard as you do when you head out into the great outdoors this spring and summer.

Whether you’re hitting the track, the trail, park, pool or pitch, you’ll need high-performing protection against the sun’s rays that won’t let you down.

P20’s unique lightweight formulation is highly water-resistant, meaning that it keeps intact protection levels even after 4 x 20 minutes in the water. So don’t be slowed down by constant re-application of sun cream.

P20’s broad spectrum UV protection ensures you are fully protected when enjoying the outdoors. The range offers UVB protection as well as very high UVA protection that shields the skin from sun-related damage and premature aging. The UVA protection in P20 far exceeds EU recommendations, and is therefore rated 5 out of 5 stars.


P20’s unique formulation is transparent and lightweight, meaning it is easily absorbed into the skin with no visible trace or sticky feel in just 15 minutes, meaning no hanging around! What’s more, it contains no added fragrances or colorants.

“P20 sunscreen was with me in Hawaii for the Ironman World Championship in 2014.

The sun in Hawaii was very strong, and it was crucial to me to have a suncreen that works both in the water, on land and when I was sweating.

There are many sunscreen products on the market. But not all feel comfortable on the skin, are water resistant or stay on even when sweating. P20 does. It keeps its promises and provides quality protection.

I crossed the finish line after 10 hours and 23 minutes in the sun without getting sunburnt.

I know, I ask expect a lot from a suncreen: to be long lasting, to be very water resistant and to be non greasy. But P20 is all of these things and I feel completely secure in the sun, when I am protected by P20.” Cecilie Mathorne.

Cecilie Mathorne was ranked as no. 5 in her age group at the Ironman World Championship 2014 in Hawaii.

Michael Hestbæk is a professional sailor, who has participated in four Olympic Games. He has also won over 25 European and World Championships medals. Michael Hestbæk says: “I have not used anything else than P20 Sunscreen in recent years because it keeps its sun protection for many hours and is highly water resistant, which is important when I’m sailing. It’s comfortable that it penetrates the skin immediately, so I actually do not feel that I have it on. “

As one of 278 solo riders who have completed the Race Across America, the world’s toughest cycle race, over the last 30 years, As no. 8 in 2014, even as the world’s youngest RAAM participant. With only a few hours of rest per day, Aske Søby biked 4.868 km in one stretch of 10 days and 22 hours.

‘The others were covered in sunscreen, so they were pure white and many were sunburnt, which is a nuisance. It means a lot to reduce any nuisance, because you are 2-3 years in your head when you are so pressured and sleeping so little, “says Aske.

‘P20 was easy for the team to apply and I could breathe in it and got no sun damage.

Aske Søby, world youngest RAAM participant